Kamala Thinks What?!

Kamala Harris

(StraightShooterNews.com) – Seeing their chance at reelection slipping further away, Kamala Harris is looking to actively engage with the dynamics of Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

As per insights from over two dozen informants in dialogue with CNN, Harris aims to provide strategic insights as Biden faces stiff competition from former President Donald Trump in polls.

In the run-up to the 2024 election, Biden is lagging behind Trump in pivotal battleground states, with a survey from Redfield & Wilton Strategies highlighting gaps reaching up to 11 points in some areas.

Amid growing unease among Biden’s key supporters regarding his prospects for a second term, Harris is reportedly having discussions with team members to challenge and expand upon the main strategies within Biden’s campaign.

A participant in a gathering among concerned Democrats described the major dissatisfaction with the current campaign approach and noted a desire for a more cohesive strategy between the White House and the campaign team.

In these discussions Harris has been recognized for her proactive stance and received accolades for her contributions. She also managed to alter some insiders’ perceptions of her role and affirmed her importance to Biden’s bid for reelection.

Harris’s inquiries into the campaign’s tactics highlight a genuine concern that Biden’s greatest risk is failing to engage effectively with the electorate instead of losing to Trump.

She is also reportedly keen on deepening her understanding of the campaign’s challenges, which prompted her team to arrange further dialogues to pinpoint areas of improvement.

In a recent assembly with campaign operatives, Harris sought clarity on emerging polling data and the overall trajectory of the campaign. Sources also revealed that Harris often concludes discussions with a confident assertion of victory.

Besides her involvement in the campaign Harris is also focused on her responsibilities within the administration. Announcing plans to promote abortion access nationwide in 2024, she has also been designated the task of addressing the root causes of migration from Central American countries since 2021.

As the migration crisis at the southern border continues and worsens Harris has clarified that her focus is to keep an eye on Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, according to individuals briefed on the matter.