JUST IN: Democrat PUBLICLY Calls Out Biden

(StraightShooterNews.com) – Expressing what the entire country is currently feeling, Rep. Lloyd Doggett (TX) has made headlines as the first Democrat congressman to publicly suggest Joe Biden should withdraw from the 2024 presidential race.

Doggett cited Biden’s performance in the recent presidential debate and his trailing position in the polls behind former President Donald Trump as key factors.

He said, “President Biden has continued to run substantially behind Democratic senators in key states and in most polls has trailed Donald Trump. I had hoped that the debate would provide some momentum to change that. It did not.”

“Instead of reassuring voters, the President failed to effectively defend his many accomplishments and expose Trump’s many lies,” Doggett added.

He drew a parallel between Biden and former President Lyndon Johnson, who once represented the same congressional district as Doggett.

He referenced Johnson’s decision to withdraw from a presidential race, suggesting Biden should consider a similar course.

“While much of his work has been transformational, he pledged to be transitional. He has the opportunity to encourage a new generation of leaders from whom a nominee can be chosen to unite our country through an open, democratic process,” Doggett remarked.

He emphasized that his public reservation was expressed with deep respect for Biden’s service, hoping Biden would prioritize national interest over personal ambition.

While Doggett stands alone among lawmakers in his public call for Biden’s withdrawal, Rep. Mike Quigley (IL) hinted at the possibility of considering someone else for the Democratic ticket.

“I think his four years are one of the great presidencies of our lifetime, but I think he has to be honest with himself,” Quigley noted on CNN. “This is a decision he’s going to have to make.”

Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Schumer, Jill Biden and Hunter Biden are reportedly among the few with significant influence over Biden’s decision-making.

Former special assistant to the president and Jill’s former spokesman Michael LaRosa shared insights, saying, “The Biden family doesn’t want to give up. In order to get to that group, it’s got to be Pelosi and Schumer.”

“They’re the only ones that could ever influence that particular group. And they would have to make an argument that Democrats can still win, but not with your guy on the top of the ticket,” LaRosa concluded.

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