Jury Awarded $35M for THIS?! (Video)

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(StraightShooterNews.com) – Almost ten years after a shocking accident where a glass door shattered on her, a former JP Morgan analyst has won a $35 million verdict due to the severe and lasting brain damage she sustained.

During a three-week trial, jurors saw startling surveillance video capturing the moment a 7½-foot-tall door in the lobby of a Manhattan building shattered as Meghan Brown passed through it.

Watch the video below.

Brown recalled to the Manhattan Supreme Court jury, “I do remember seeing glass, like, everywhere, in the lobby, near me.” The distressing left then-27-year-old Brown with a traumatic brain injury that ended her rising career in investment banking.

During her testimony, she said she now feels she cannot rely on her own brain.

After approximately three days of deliberation, the six-member jury found in Brown’s favor unanimously and concluded that building owner 271 Madison Co. was negligent and played a key role in causing her injuries.

Brown shared with the jurors how the incident cost her her prestigious job, limited her daily functioning and even impacted her romantic relationships.

The surveillance footage from February 2, 2015, showed Brown approaching and leaning on the door to open it. As a man holding a phone reached out to the door, the glass suddenly shattered, sending Brown stumbling under the falling shards.

Following the accident, Brown found herself on the floor unable to recall how she got there but aware of people assisting her.

Now living in Naples, Florida, and managing a gelato shop, Brown attempted to return to JP Morgan a year after the incident but faced a steady career decline that prompted her termination in 2021.

Attorney Tom Moore disclosed that despite her efforts, Brown has been unable to return to her previous position in investment banking.

The traumatic brain injury caused Brown to lose her smell and taste and forget the Spanish language, which she once spoke proficiently. She also struggles with PTSD, reduced executive function and has become highly sensitive to light, among other issues.

Moore revealed that Brown’s service dog, which had prevented many falls, passed away just before the trial. After the accident, Brown has undergone various treatments and consulted several doctors to adapt to her altered life.

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