Judge Slams Trump Official

(StraightShooterNews.com) – In a turn of events confirming that courts have been packed with Democratic loyalists doubling down on Republicans, an appeals court recently shot down a request from a former Trump official.

In February, a judge ordered Peter Navarro to hand over emails from his days in the Trump administration to the National Archives and threatened him with contempt of court if he failed to comply.

Navarro, who just started a four-month stint behind bars for dodging a subpoena from the Jan. 6 committee, challenged the decision, but the appeals court sided with the judge.

The court wrote that “Navarro argues that the United States cannot use D.C.’s replevin statute because the [Presidential Records Act] itself has no express cause of action for the United States to seek the return of Presidential records.”

It added that Navarro suggested that the government could only discipline current staff who hold onto presidential records, but that it did not apply to him since he is no longer employed.

However, the court dismissed his arguments, citing solid legal precedents. It pointed out Navarro’s reasoning would essentially handcuff the government and leave it powerless to reclaim presidential records from ex-staffers who decide to keep them after their service.

The Justice Department had sued Navarro last August over emails in a private account from his time in office by claiming he unlawfully kept U.S. property.

Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, a Bill Clinton appointee, ruled this March that Navarro must surrender the emails and highlighted the ordinary nature of the case if not for Navarro’s high-profile former job.

She emphasized that Navarro to the charges, saying, “Defendant agrees that he took property belonging to his former employer. He does not want to return the property.”

In her February decision, which was also upheld by the appeals court, Kollar-Kotelly made it clear after looking at some emails that Navarro still had presidential records he had not handed over to “their rightful owner, the United States.”

She then ordered him to give up the “approximately 600 records” or face contempt charges.

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