Illegal Alien Cop Shooter Update

( – In a new update regarding the illegal who shot two NYPD officers in Queens early yesterday, it has been revealed that the Venezuelan national was previously arrested for illegal entry into the U.S. but later had his immigration case dismissed.

19-year-old suspect Bernardo Castro Mata was identified by ICE sources as having been released after his immigration case was closed last month by a judge in Chicago, the New York Post reports.

Castro Mata was arrested after NYPD officers attempted to stop him for driving an unregistered scooter the wrong way on a one-way street.

After abandoning the scooter, Castro Mata shot one officer in the chest and another in the leg and then escaped on foot. He reportedly used an unlicensed handgun in the attack.

Castro Mata was finally caught by cops in Elmhurst after getting shot in the ankle. He was taken to NewYork-Presbyterian Queens hospital for treatment.

The suspect’s background includes a previous encounter where he illegally crossed into Texas through Eagle Pass in July last year and had been living at a migrant shelter near the scene of the shooting.

His case closure means he was no longer facing deportation at the time of the shooting.

Following the gunfire, the two injured officers were treated at a hospital, with the officer shot in the chest being able to push the wheelchair of his colleague who was wounded in the leg.

They were both saluted by dozens of NYPD officers after they were discharged from the hospital.

This violent incident adds to growing concerns about the dangers posed by illegal aliens involved in criminal activities.

Castro Mata is suspected of being connected to a series of violent robberies in New York City, particularly those involving motorized scooters used in phone snatchings and other attacks including an incident where a woman’s credit card was stolen and later used.

“What we’ve seen in the past with these motorized scooters, they operate as a crew, we’re looking at him for several other robbery patterns in the Queens area, where he does have other co-defendants,” said NYPD chief of detectives Joseph Kenny.

This case has resurfaced debates over the security risks and the adequacy of current immigration laws and enforcement, as the city grapples with these complex issues amidst a broader discussion about public safety and policy.

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