Howard Stern: ‘I’ve Really Never Been This Sick’

( – Underscoring the strains posed to his personal and professional life, renowned radio personality Howard Stern, known for his extended seclusion during the pandemic, disclosed on his SiriusXM show that he had recently contracted COVID-19, marking his first encounter with the virus.

“We were supposed to be back last week. We weren’t,” Stern informed his audience, many of whom have also experienced the virus. “Because I got COVID-19.” At 69 years old, Stern’s battle with COVID-19 was notably challenging.

“I just want to announce something. COVID is really bad,” he emphasized. “You do not want COVID. Oh f–k.” He described his experience as exceedingly difficult, stating, “Man, I went through hell … I’ve really never been this sick.”

Highlighting the severity of the illness, Stern expressed gratitude for the vaccines. “What a wallop this thing is — can you imagine if we didn’t have the vaccine?”

Stern has been vocal about his COVID-19 concerns since 2020, sharing a personal anecdote illustrating his ongoing apprehension. “I’m going crazy with this. My wife yelled at me last night. We got into a fight,” he revealed.

Despite his cautious approach, Stern acknowledged his age makes him vulnerable. “You know, my wife’s considerably younger than me, as you might have heard. And you know, she’s not as concerned about getting COVID as I am, because, you know, I’m an older dude,” he explained.

Despite his initial reluctance, Stern and his wife, Beth, had begun venturing out more, even attending an Ed Sheeran concert. However, the emergence of a new COVID-19 variant and rising hospitalizations caused Stern to reconsider his stance.

“‘It’s time to go back down into lockdown.’ And I’m like, you mean I’m just emerging, and now I’m going back into lockdown!” he expressed, highlighting the constant adjustments he has had to make in response to the evolving virus.