HERO: 9-Year-Old Saves Parents During Tornado

(StraightShooterNews.com) – In a heroic act during a devastating tornado in Oklahoma, 9-year-old Branson Baker ran over a mile in dangerous conditions to get help for his badly injured parents.

The tornado lifted their vehicle and threw it into trees, leaving it crushed and his parents Wayne and Lindy Baker critically injured.

Wayne and Lindy suffered multiple fractures, including to their backs, necks and ribs. Wayne also broke his sternum and arm and lost part of his finger. Lindy’s injuries included a broken jaw, a broken hand and a punctured lung.

Branson managed to escape the wreckage, navigate through the dark and use lightning to guide himself in order to reach a neighbor’s house for help.

“The only way he found his way back was with lightning strikes that lit the road. He ran as fast as he could, as hard as he could, he made a mile in 10 minutes. That’s pretty impressive for a little kid,” said Johnny Baker, Branson’s uncle.

According to Johnny, Branson told his parents, “Please don’t die, I will be back” before he dashed off for help.

The situation became even more distressing as Johnny was on the phone with the family when the tornado struck, which left him listening helplessly until the call was cut off.

After a desperate search, Johnny and his wife found Wayne and Lindy just as the help Branson summoned reached them.

The community has rallied around the Baker family and praised Branson’s courage and determination. An online fundraiser describes him as a hero who “has already started on his greatness.”

Furthermore, Branson’s baseball team supported the family by holding a fundraiser and wearing “Bakers Battle” stickers on their helmets during a game, where Branson hit a home run.

Currently, Wayne and Lindy Baker are in the trauma ICU, with Johnny saying he hopes they make a full recovery.

He reflected on Branson’s resolve, saying, “He had to become his parent’s superman and go do what he had to go do. That’s exactly what he said. He said, ‘I have to save my parents.’”

This family’s ordeal is part of the devastation caused by 15 tornadoes that recently struck Oklahoma, resulting in at least five deaths and several injuries.

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