Haley Challenges Trump and Biden to This?!

Nikki Haley

(StraightShooterNews.com) – Seeing her presidential hopes slipping through her fingers, Nikki Haley took a stand by promising she would take a mental competency test and challenged Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump to do the same.

Haley currently trails significantly behind Trump in the GOP primary race so she took the opportunity to discuss her plans during an interview with Margaret Brennan on CBS News’s “Face The Nation.”

“So, Ambassador, you have made mental acuity a signature issue for your campaign for the better part of the past year. When do you plan to take it?” Brennan remarked and expressed curiosity about whether Haley was worried about alienating older voters.

Haley confidently replied, “I have no problem taking it. And what I have said is, we need to have mental competency tests for anyone over the age of 75 … But what happened with Joe Biden this week and what we’ve seen with Donald Trump is another example of why.”

“We have to face the reality of the fact that, when you get to those ages, you get diminished,” Haley added.

Throughout the interview Haley also criticized Trump for his remarks about NATO, Russia and her husband, Major Michael Haley, who is deployed in Africa with the South Carolina National Guard.

She condemned Trump’s behavior as disrespectful to military personnel and their families. “It’s insulting to military members. It’s insulting to military families. And the part that bothers me is, he continues to do this. This isn’t personal about me and Michael. This is about what it says to every member who sacrifices for us,” she stated.

Haley reflected on Trump’s losses in recent elections and questioned whether Americans would want to repeat those experiences with either him or Biden. She also attacked Trump for focusing on revenge rather than addressing critical issues like national debt, education, border security, city lawlessness and global conflicts.

“All he did was talk about revenge. And then you look, he said anyone that supported me was barred permanently from MAGA. Then he pushed the RNC to name him the presumptive nominee. Then he lost his court case and he went on a rant again,” Haley recounted. She emphasized the need for leadership that focuses on the American people and their concerns rather than personal vendettas or achievements.