Gov Unloads About Biden – ‘I Don’t Like’

( – Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, known for his vocal support of Joe Biden, was caught on a hot mic expressing concerns about the current presidential race during a crime-fighting event in Chicago.

See the video below.

Pritzker remarked to an attendeе, “I mean, we’re just going to keep fighting. I don’t know what to say. You know, got to do what we have to do,” and added, “I don’t like where we are.”

A spokesperson later tried to clarify these comments by telling NBC Chicago that Pritzker was referring to the ongoing discussions over Biden’s position as the Democratic nominee.

Despitе his reservations, Pritzker has been consistently supportive of Biden’s campaign, even in the wake of a widely criticized debate performance against former President Donald Trump last month.

“Joe Biden is our nominee. I’m for Joe Biden. I’ve been campaigning for Joe Biden,” Pritzker told journalists earlier this week.

However, Pritzker has not dismissed the possibility of launching his own presidential run if Biden decides not to seek reelection.

The governor’s remarks came just after he and nine other Democratic governors met with Biden at the White House.

During this meeting, Biden reportedly shared that he needed more rest and intended to end his public events by 8 p.m.

Adding to the day’s events, the Biden campaign canceled a planned fundraiser in Chicago, which was scheduled for next month.

Addrеssing questions about this decision, Pritzker commented, “I think everything’s fluid right now” and praised the president’s fundraising efforts so far.

“I honestly think the president is doing a fine job of raising money. You see all the money that they’ve raised online for the Biden-Harris campaign. I know of fundraisers that are ongoing,” he stated, downplaying any speculation as “overblown.”

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