GOP Has New Ammo Against Bidens?!

( – Mounting the pressure against him amid an impeachment probe, a new report has surfaced that Joe Biden’s younger brother, James Biden, was involved in business dealings with Qatari officials.

This revelation has given House Republicans, including House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY), new ammo to criticize the Biden family for profiting from foreign business dealings.

Comer, who is leading a corruption-focused impeachment inquiry into Joe, expressed his concerns on social media platform X with a siren emoji.

“The Bidens don’t sell a product, service, or a set of skills,” Comer stated. “It’s simple: the Biden family is selling access for millions of dollars to those around the world willing to pay for it. And Joe Biden continues to lie about the role he played in the influence peddling schemes.”

The allegations were detailed in a POLITICO report, which cited testimony from fund manager Michael Lewitt during a bankruptcy court proceeding in Kentucky.

According to the testimony, James collaborated with Qatari government officials to secure funding for healthcare ventures.

This testimony is expected to be further scrutinized during a planned impeachment inquiry interview.

During his previous testimony for the House impeachment inquiry, James claimed that Joe was not involved in his business dealings and countered an earlier POLITICO report that unveiled he used his brother’s name to promote a failing hospital chain.

Deposition notes also revealed James had informed the IRS that Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, had business connections with a “protege” of Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

House GOP investigators are examining how truthful James’ deposition statements were, as they found inconsistencies with other witnesses in the impeachment probe. Comer has hinted that these contradictions might lead to criminal charges.

Comer has also invited Joe to testify after his committee tracked $24 million in payments to the Biden family and their associates from foreign sources like China and Ukraine, with no clear legitimate services provided in return.

He argues that the evidence collected, including bank records and witness statements, contradicts Joe’s claims that he was not involved in his family’s business.

In response, Joe’s special counsel, Richard Sauber, shot down the idea of having Joe testify. He stated the “impeachment investigation is over” and claimed that evidence shows Joe “has done nothing wrong.”

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