General: Biden’s Foreign Policy Threatens US

( – In grave news for the country showcasing we are in danger due to the Biden administration’s weak foreign stance, a high-ranking officer revealed terrorists got a bullseye on America.

During a recent appearance on ABC News’ “This Week,” former CENTCOM Commander Gen. Frank McKenzie said he was concerned over the growing threat ISIS poses to the United States as a result of the current administration’s foreign policy decisions.

When asked if he agreed with his successor, General Michael Kurilla’s assessment, who said that ISIS-K “retains the capability and will to attack U.S. and Western interests abroad in as little as six months and with little or no warning,” McKenzie said yes.

McKenzie criticized the Biden administration’s decision to lessen the pressure on ISIS-K since the group’s capacity to strengthen, plan and launch international attacks increases if there is no constant opposition.

He reflected on the U.S. messy withdrawal from Afghanistan by saying that keeping a contingent of troops could have significantly changed the current security landscape by enabling constant action against ISIS and boosting our safety.

“Leaving 2,500 troops, along with our NATO partners, who would have left 4,000 or 5,000 troops, we would have been able to continue to work against ISIS, which was the principal reason we’re in Afghanistan, to prevent attacks in our homeland,” he added.

The former general lamented the loss of surveillance and strike capabilities in Afghanistan and highlighted the uncontrolled growth of ISIS within the region. He stressed the importance of preventing such groups from forging international links that could make attacks beyond their base locations easy.

However, he added, “… and it’s very hard to do that in Afghanistan, where you just don’t have the ability to sense, you don’t have the ability to strike, and very limited resources.”

McKenzie ended with a stark warning: “And so, I think the threat is growing. It began to grow as soon as we left Afghanistan, took pressure off ISIS-K.” He stressed, “So I think we should expect further attempts of this nature against the United States as well as our partners and other nations abroad. I think this is inevitable.”

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