Florida Border Agents On High Alert (Video)

(StraightShooterNews.com) – In disturbing news for an America already crippled by an uncontrolled migrant crisis aided by the Biden administration, border patrol agents in Miami are bracing for a looming surge of migrants from Haiti.

Watch the video below.

As disclosed by a confidential email obtained by media outlets, the U.S. is expected to receive individuals fleeing the Caribbean country now under the control of violent gangs.

This internal communication highlights the outlook that Haitians escaping by sea to Florida will likely not be sent back to their chaotic homeland due to its current anarchic state. The email underscores a dire situation by suggesting that even the arrival of a single vessel could severely hinder the local border patrol’s operational capacity.

The United Nations reports a significant internal displacement of around 15,000 Haitians as gangs instill fear through arson, looting and assaults on law enforcement and public infrastructure, which has led to hospital shutdowns and worsened issues of disease and hunger.

Given Haiti’s governmental collapse, the email predicts that “[r]epatriating Haitians may not be happening for the foreseeable future,” which raises concerns that the Coast Guard might not catch migrants as usual.

Border officials worry about the logistical challenges of managing groups of Haitian migrants reaching Florida, which include maintaining order upon their arrival, efficiently transporting and processing them and verifying the authenticity of family claims.

The email specifically points out difficulties in guaranteeing medical attention for those in need and validating familial relationships among arriving children and teenagers.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, is currently reeling under the weight of this crisis, with reports of streets being filled with dead bodies. Escape attempts by Haitians are thwarted by roadblocks, a sealed border with the Dominican Republic and non-operational airports. The situation is further worsened by gangs freeing up thousands from prisons to create widespread anarchy.

In a significant political development, Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry announced his intention to resign after yielding to pressure from prominent gang leader Jimmy Chérizier, alias “Barbecue.” At the forefront of the chaos Chérizier leads the terrible “G9 and Family” gang, central to the chaos unfolding in the nation’s capital.

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