FBI Issues Warning

(StraightShooterNews.com) – Raising the alarm over China’s global intentions negatively impacting America, the FBI issued a dire warning about the Chinese government’s sharp focus on hacking key American infrastructure.

Specifically, the attacks are focused on vital systems like water treatment facilities, the electrical grid, and transportation networks.

FBI Director Christopher A. Wray is expected to testify before the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party. There, he will emphasize the gravity of a cyber threat that impacts every American citizen.

Wray’s statement has been extracted from a prepared text. He underscores the insufficient public attention given to this critical issue. He will point out that Chinese hackers strategically position themselves within American infrastructure.

Wray will explain that this preparation is expected to cause substantial chaos and harm to U.S. citizens and communities if China decides to launch a cyberattack.

This account has been corroborated by cybersecurity experts, including those at Microsoft. They reported that state-sponsored Chinese hackers have been focusing on the U.S.’s crucial infrastructure.

The Chinese might lay the groundwork for future disruptions, particularly in communication channels between the U.S. and Asia, which could be vital during crises.

Additionally, cybersecurity firm Mandiant revealed that suspected Chinese government-backed hackers exploited a vulnerability in a widely used email security tool. This breach allowed them to infiltrate the networks of numerous public and private organizations worldwide.

Wray and other top U.S. officials have been raising concerns about China’s hacking capabilities for several years. They have also warned about Chinese efforts to steal scientific and industrial research from American companies. Although China has denied these accusations, the U.S. has presented detailed evidence in multiple criminal indictments.

Wray emphasized the ongoing nature of the threats, saying, “Today, and literally every day, they’re actively attacking our economic security, engaging in wholesale theft of our innovation, and our personal and corporate data.”

The House Select Committee, led by Republican Representative Mike Gallagher (WI), was formed last year to confront China’s actions. The committee began with a high-profile hearing, which drew sharp criticism from the Chinese government.