Even the Pope is Worried About This

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(StraightShooterNews.com) – In the face of declining birth rates affecting developed countries like America due to liberal trends, Pope Francis expressed deep concern for the declining natality in the world, particularly highlighting the situation in Italy during a meeting with an Italian association of local politicians.

He emphasized the urgent need for families to embrace the idea of having more children, describing the current situation as a “culture of depopulation” that poses a significant challenge to the future of Western countries.

“There is a culture of depopulation that comes from the fact that few children are born,” the Pope remarked, stressing the importance of prioritizing human offspring over pets. “It is true, anyone can have a dog, it is true: but we need children,” he added, drawing attention to the critical situation in countries where the average age is alarmingly high.

Pope Francis noted that one Mediterranean country has an average age of 46. Although unsure of the exact figure for Italy, he acknowledged it to be in a similar range.

Italy’s National Institute of Statistics corroborates this concern, reporting a birth rate of merely 1.25 children per woman, significantly below the replacement level of 2 children per woman, and an average population age of 46.6 years. A similar situation can be seen in America, where the birth rate is currently around 1.7 children per woman.

In his discourse, the Pope underscored the existential importance of increasing the birth rate, linking it directly to the nation’s continuity and prosperity. “People do not have children — it is easier to have a dog,” he lamented, urging a serious reconsideration of the birth rate issue for the sake of the world’s future.

“The future is at stake. Having children is a duty to survive, to go forward. Think about this. This is not an advertisement for a birth agency, no, no; but I want to emphasize this: the drama of the birth rate,” Pope Francis concluded, passionately advocating for a shift in societal attitudes towards procreation as a means to counter the demographic winter threatening the West.