Elitist School Decides to Shut Up

(StraightShooterNews.com) – Facing criticism amid anti-Semitic controversies, Harvard University has recently decided to limit its official public statements to matters that directly pertain to its primary functions.

This decision follows a contentious debate within the institution involving 122 faculty members who said that criticizing the slogan “from the river to the sea, Palestine must be free” was “imprudent.”

Another polemic involved a previous president who failed to denounce anti-Semitic protests and calls for genocide.

In April, Harvard University interim leaders President Alan M. Garber and Provost John F. Manning introduced the Institutional Voice Working Group.

According to the Harvard Gazette, this initiative aims to define when and how the university should comment on social and political issues.

The group is led by law professor Noah Feldman and philosophy professor Alison Simmons.

They recommend that Harvard’s leadership speak out on matters affecting its fundamental mission of fostering a free and open academic environment but refrain from making official statements on external political issues.

Noah Feldman stated, “The main point of the report is that the University’s leadership can and should speak out on anything relevant to the core function of the University, which is creating an environment suitable for free, open inquiry, teaching, and research.”

He emphasized the university needed to protect its academic atmosphere, which is currently under threat, while also clarifying that Harvard should not act like a governmental body by adopting foreign or domestic policies.

The university faced further chaos earlier this year when Claudine Gay, Harvard’s first black president, resigned amid plagiarism allegations.

Her resignation was also influenced by her failure to address accusations from 34 student groups that blamed Israel solely for the Hamas-led terror attack on October 7. Gay also hesitated to denounce anti-Semitism during a congressional testimony.

Additionally, she created a task force to reduce the visibility of white men in campus spaces following George Floyd’s death.

Despite these controversies, the Harvard Corporation said it staunchly supported Gay, with eleven of its twelve members stating:

“As members of the Harvard Corporation, we today reaffirm our support for President Gay’s continued leadership of Harvard University. Our extensive deliberations affirm our confidence that President Gay is the right leader to help our community heal and to address the very serious societal issues we are facing.”

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