Drag Performers Doing WHAT? (Video)

(StraightShooterNews.com) – To the disgust of conservatives everywhere, and wanting to have a say in how our country is run, six drag performers have created Drag PAC, a new political action committee aimed at imposing the LGBTQ+ agenda through activism in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Watch the video below.

The drag queens announced their initiative with enthusiasm, proclaiming, “We are excited to make HERstory with the launch of Drag PAC, the first-ever political action committee led by drag entertainers!”

They added that they came up with the PAC “to engage, educate, and mobilize Gen Z voters and progressive allies to vote ahead the most consequential election for LGBTQ+ rights in our nation’s history.”

One of the founders, known as Monét X Change, expressed their bold ambitions in a launch video: “We are here to make f***ing waves, a big blue a** wave.”

The founders gained fame due to the TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race, including drag performers such as “Willam,” “Alaska Thunderf*** 5000,” “Jinkx Monsoon,” “BenDeLaCreme” and “Peppermint.”

Peppermint highlighted the urgency of their mission in a social media post, stating, “There is so much anti-drag and anti-trans legislation coming from lawmakers who know NOTHING about us and our community; so it’s time we took some control.”

“As queens, and as queer people, we are uniquely positioned to fight back against growing legislative attacks on our community,” the drag queen continued.

The launch coincided with Drag Lobby Day on Capitol Hill, organized by MoveOn, where performers “Jiggly Caliente,” “Joey Jay” and “Brigitte Bandit” demanded legislation such as the Equality Act and the “Transgender Bill of Rights.”

These performers met with lawmakers and rallied to support laws that would expand protections under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include gender identity.

If enacted, the bill would ensure rights in public accommodations, federal programs and healthcare, as well as affirming the rights of transgender students in schools.

The “Transgender Bill of Rights” specifically aims to protect vulnerable groups within the transgender community, “in particular Black and indigenous women who face heightened risk of violence, poverty, discrimination, and other harm due to their intersecting identities.”

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