‘Defund the Police’ Mayor Changes Mind

(StraightShooterNews.com) – Less than four years after significantly reducing law enforcement budgets in response to the “Defund the Policе” movement, San Francisco Mayor London Breed is now pushing to increase police funding to unprecedented levels despite the city facing a $790 million budget deficit.

With public safety looking to be a key issuе in the upcoming November election, Breed is proposing an increase of over $100 million for public safety initiatives.

Of this, $46.7 million is earmarked for the police department, which would see its budget rise to a record $821.6 million next year, up from $774.9 million.

Under Breed’s plan, the fire department, sheriff’s office, district attorney’s office, and emergency management will also receive budget increases ranging from 2% to 11%.

Breed’s proposal includes funding for four new police academy classes with at least 50 recruits each to address a significant officer shortage of approximately 500 officers.

Additionally, Breed plans to allocate $3.7 million for advanced policing technologies like drones and surveillance cameras, which voters approved in March.

She also seeks to establish three new academies to train up to 45 new 911 dispatchers and to continue financing a multi-agency initiative targeting open-air drug markets.

“We have made real progress on public safety in San Francisco, but this is a moment to double down, not to let up,” Breed remarked while emphasizing the city’s duty to ensure safety for its residents, businesses, workers and visitors.

This shift in funding strategy marks a break with Breed’s actions in the summer of 2020 when she cut $120 million from police and sheriff’s budgets following the racial justice protests sparked by George Floyd’s murder.

Those funds were redirected towards addressing disparities in the black community. “With this budget, we are listening to the community and prioritizing investments in the African American community around housing, mеntal health and wellness, workforce development, economic justice, education, advocacy and accountability,” she had stated at that time.

Following the cuts, the city experienced a rise in crime, an increase in open-air drug markets and a surge of homeless camps.

Businesses closed due to worsening street conditions and government employees were advised to work remotely for their own safety.

By the end of 2021, Breed began to reconsider her approach to crime and vowed to end the “reign of criminals who are destroying our city.”

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