D and F Course Grades Abolished?!

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(StraightShooterNews.com) – Partaking in a new trend to avoid hurting young liberals who think the world is too cruel, Western Oregon University is shaking things up by deciding to get rid of D- and F grades.

Instead the university is going with “no credit” so students who are having a tough time keep going with their education even when they stumble. Starting this fall students will not get a failing grade if they do not pass a class. Instead they will just need to retake the class to prove they the hang of it.

Accoding to an email from Vice President of Academic Affairs Jose Coll the university’s goal is to make sure graduates really know what they studied and to give every student a fair shot at success.

Coll stepped into his role in June 2023 and believes that by doing away with failing grades GPAs will better show how much students have learned instead of hiding their true abilities behind a bad grade.

The university’s new grading policy means that grades will range from A to D, with D- and F being replaced by “No Credit” for undergrad students. This way a “No Credit” mark will not drag down a student’s GPA.

According to Inside Higher Ed this might just be a way to inflate grades. In this vein the center-right Oregon Association of Scholars is worried this new approach is more about keeping students enrolled than ensuring they really learn. Instead the association believes colleges should focus on teaching well and making sure students learn well.

The issue of grade inflation is a familiar topic in higher education. For instance 79% of all grades given in the 2022-23 school year at Yale University were As. Yale’s Dean Pericles Lewis noted this makes it hard for grades to do their job, which is to show students where they excel and where they need to improve.

Harvard has seen a similar trend: 79% of grades were As in the 2020-21 academic year. The average GPA at Harvard was 3.80 in 2020-21 from 3.41 in 2002-03, the Harvard Crimson reported.