Can Biden Be Stopped From Doing THIS?

Joe Biden

( – Ramping up his efforts to keep wasting taxpayer money, conservatives must form a united front to fight Joe Biden’s cash giveaways aimed at earning votes by canceling the student debt of an additional 206,000 borrowers.

This initiative is part of a wide new repayment scheme designed to provide relief for already wealthy individuals going to elitist colleges.

The Education Department shared updates on the progress of its SAVE Plan, revealing that individuals reaching a decade of consistent payments now qualify for loan forgiveness.

By doing so, the department shifts the goalposts significantly closer than the previous 20-year benchmark.

However, recent legal challenges from Republican-led states question the Biden administration’s authority to enact such measures.

Despite these legal troubles, Biden remains committed to further giveaways, warning his opponents “I will never stop working to cancel student debt — no matter how many times Republican elected officials try to stop us.”

With this latest round of cancellations, approximately 360,000 borrowers have benefitted from the SAVE Plan, totaling a forgiveness amount of $4.8 billion.

This plan represents a newer and more forgiving form of federal repayment options that cap monthly payments based on income and eventually lead to debt cancellation.

Despite the cloud of legal disputes, nearly 8 million Americans have already enrolled in the SAVE Plan.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said the relief this plan brings allows borrowers to redirect funds toward essential living expenses. “Now they have some money back in their pockets, instead of a bill that too often competed with basic needs like groceries and health care,” he claimed.

However, Republican state attorneys general view the plan as an overreach of executive authority and a potential obstruction to state-level recruitment efforts.

The outcome of their legal challenges remains uncertain, particularly regarding the status of loans already forgiven. Kansas’ attorney general said it is “unrealistic to think that any loan forgiveness that occurs during this litigation will ever be clawed back.”

Biden maintains that his actions are within the bounds of authority granted by Congress and continues to seek ways to grant broader student loan relief, like what he offered to 30 million borrowers during a recent rally.

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