BREAKING: Major Disruption Hitting US

( – In alarming news highlighting a major disruption across America leaving citizens in the dark, a significant cellular service outage just impacted users nationwide and even made some police departments incapable of receiving emergency 911 calls.

It seems AT&T suffered the most from the outage, with DownDetector, which is a platform that monitors service interruptions by gathering user reports and other data, recording nearly 32,000 complaints.

T-Mobile and Verizon also faced over 800 reported disruptions, though Verizon said the issues were allegedly due to difficulties its customers had when they tried to connect with individuals on different networks.

Reports of connectivity problems were seen in smaller carriers as well, including Boost Mobile, Consumer Cellular and Straight Talk Wireless, which affected a wide geographical area from the East Coast cities of New York, Boston and Atlanta to Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco and even reaching Montreal in Canada.

Police departments across the United States issued warnings about potential challenges to reach emergency services due to the outage. However, several AT&T subscribers found their phones limited to “SOS Mode,” which enables only emergency calls.

In turn, a Verizon spokesperson assured that their network was “operating as normal” and suggested the problem occurred when its clients attempted to communicate across different telecom providers.

The service interruptions caused a wave of customer dissatisfaction with many airing their complaints over the lack of communication from the affected providers.

One AT&T customer expressed outrage on X (formerly Twitter) and criticized the company, saying, “AT&T is literally one of the most expensive phone companies, and y’all have the audacity to have a service outage for hours with zero updates being given to your customers?”

Another individual described the situation as “crazy” and “unusual and scary” since making calls or sending texts was impossible, except to emergency services.

Since the exact cause of the widespread outages remains undetermined, users are concerned over the possibility that the outage could be the result of a cyberattack while skeptics doubt that the issue stemmed from mere operational incompetence or a singular technical failure.