BREAKING: Huge War Development

( – Marking a new chapter in the ongoing war against terrorists, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dissolved his six-member war cabinet, a highly expected decision after opposition leader Benny Gantz and his ally Gadi Eisenkot left the group.

This smaller cabinet was responsible for making key decisions about Israel’s ongoing conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

Gantz left the coalition over criticisms of the war’s strategy, which prompted demands from far-right ministers to be included in the new war cabinet configuration.

However, Netanyahu opted to dissolve it entirely instead of appointing new members in order to streamline decision-making and avoid complications with coalition partners and international relations.

An Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman stated that this change would not impact military operations or the chain of command.

Around the time of his exit, Gantz explained his position by alleging that Netanyahu was “preventing us from approaching true victory”.

In turn, the prime minister said, “The [war] cabinet was in the coalition agreement with Gantz at his request. As soon as Gantz left – there is no need for a cabinet anymore.”

Decisions that were previously handled by the war cabinet will now shift to the larger 14-member security cabinet and a newly formed, smaller consultation group.

This smaller group will include Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer and ultra-Orthodox Shas party chairman Aryeh Deri.

“Cabinet members are being changed and the method is being changed. We have the echelon, we know the chain of command. We’re working according to the chain of command. This is a democracy,” IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari told reporters.

The military campaign in Gaza was launched in response to a deadly terror attack by Hamas on October 7, which has resulted in around 1200 Israeli deaths and 251 kidnaps.

Meanwhile, the Hamas-controlled health ministry has claimed that over 37,430 people have been killed by Israeli forces since the war began.

Recent tensions within the Israeli government surfaced over the IDF’s decision to implement “tactical pauses in military activity” to facilitate humanitarian aid in Gaza.

Some ministers have criticized this move, but military officials have explained it as necessary. Nonetheless, the IDF revealed that a pause would not necessarily mean that war efforts would stop.

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