BREAKING: He’s a Free Man

( – Marking the end of a drawn-out 14-year legal battlе, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is finally a free man once again after recently returning to Australia.

Right before gaining his freedom, he pleaded guilty to a charge related to publishing U.S. military secrets, which ultimately secured his release.

After arriving in Canberra, 52-year-old Assange was seen making a triumphant fist pump as he exited the private jet. He then embraced his wife Stella, lifting her off the ground in a heartfelt reunion.

At a press conference shortly after his arrival, Stella appealed to the media and public for privacy and highlighted the need for her husband to recover and reconnect with their two young children, aged 4 and 2.

“I ask you, please, to give us space, to give us privacy, to find our place. To let our family be a family before he can speak again at a time of his choosing,” she requested.

She shared that Assange needed time to heal after еnduring over five years in a British maximum-security prison and seven years confined in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, evading extradition to Sweden and the U.S.

He faced 18 criminal charges in the U.S. related to one of the largest leaks of classified documents in 2010, which included detailed reports on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The turning point in Assange’s case came with his guilty plea in a U.S. district court in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands. Following the court session, he returned to his homeland.

Upon his arrival in Australia, the first person Assange spoke with was Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Assange’s lawyer Jennifer Robinson reported, “We are absolutely thrilled that Julian is now home in Australia.”

“Julian thanked him and the team and told the Prime Minister that he had saved his life. And I don’t think that that is an exaggeration,” she added.

Albanese, who has been advocating for Assange’s release for years, recalled their conversation as “very warm” and said she remains committed to defending Australian citizens.

In the courtroom in Saipan, Chief U.S. District Judge Ramona V. Manglona accepted Assange’s guilty plea and ordered his release, considering the time he had already served.

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