Border Patrol Slams Biden

( – Seeing the measure as a desperate attempt ahead of the 2024 elections, Border Patrol agents slammed Joe Biden’s recent executive order to curb illegal crossings and labeled it as “way too little too late.”

They argue that the millions of illegals Biden already let into the U.S. have already compromised national security.

Recently, the Biden administration declared the new policy would shut the border once illegal crossings between official entry points reach 2,500 per day for a week straight.

Despite these measures, agents remain critical and suggest the damage is irreversible as the new order is merely superficial.

“That’s like trying to plug the leak on the titanic with chewing gum. It’s way too little too late. He’s trying to act tough on the border but we know he’s been the most open border administration ever,” one agent remarked.

The policy allows for a temporary closing of the border, which would reopen two weeks after the daily average dips back down to 1,500.

Despite these restrictions, the total numbers still allow nearly 1.75 million new entries annually, including those processed through humanitarian parole and the CBP One phone app.

Throughout Biden’s tenure, more than 7.6 million migrants have been recorded illegally crossing the southern border, with an additional 1.7 million “gotaways” evading capture.

Another half a million have entered via the CBP One app, with 400,000 more from countries like Haiti and Venezuela entering through another Biden-initiated parole program.

“What a joke. Like that’s going to stop them. He can enact whatever he wants. Until we deport everyone that crosses or imprison them, it won’t stop,” a second agent commented on the plan’s effectiveness.

Echoing this sentiment, another agent criticized the measure as “nothing more than virtue signaling,” while a fourth described the administration’s delayed reaction as “comical” and insufficient to adress the ongoing crisis.

Earlier this year, Biden stated that he needed more authority from Congress to effectively manage the border.

“Just give me the power. I’ve asked from the very day I got into office,” he implored. “Give me the Border Patrol, give me the people, the judges — give me the people who can stop this and make it work right.”

However, with the presidential election approaching, Biden has adjusted his stance, contradicting his previous insistence that he needed legislative backing for border actions.

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