Biden Did It

Red light

( – After months of waiting for the results of a probe investigating Joe Biden’s mishandling of secret documents, Special Counsel Robert Hur delivered a shocking finding regarding the case.

In his report Hur stated Biden “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials” but advised against pressing criminal charges. The decision was partly based on the concern that a jury might see Biden as “an elderly man with a poor memory.”

It seems 81-year-old Biden did not stick to the rules about handling sensitive documents over his long career in the Senate and as Vice-President. The report spans 388 pages and details how he stored these documents in ordinary cardboard boxes alongside other household items in his garage in Wilmington, Delaware, and elsewhere.

A notable piece of evidence was a recording from April 2017, where Biden told his ghostwriter, Mark Zwonitzer, that he kept official records because “I didn’t want to turn them in.”

Zwonitzer also admitted to deleting some of Biden’s audio files after Hur’s investigation started. He shared, “I’m not going to say how much of the percentage it was of my motivation,” regarding his actions.

The investigation identified a dozen documents with top-secret information, numerous other documents labeled secret or confidential and Biden’s material from 10 notebooks and two notecards.

Hur’s report suggests jurors might be lenient towards Biden due to his age and memory issues, despite Biden’s candidacy for a second term. During interviews with investigators, Biden appeared confused about significant dates and details, which raised concerns about his mental fitness for office.

Critics argue that if Biden’s memory issues shield him from legal consequences they also question his capability to serve as president. Hur stated he decided not to charge Zwonitzer with obstruction of justice after carefully weighing the evidence and the legal thresholds for conviction.

Former President Donald Trump expressed outrage at the double standard in legal treatment compared to his own case and emphasized the differences in the number of documents and the circumstances of retention.

Biden responded and emphasized his full cooperation with the investigation and his career-long commitment to national security. He also claimed distinctions between his case and Trump’s particularly regarding obstruction of justice and the voluntary surrender of classified documents.