Biden’s Rare Good News

Joe Biden

( – In a rare showcase of good news amid several Democratic-created crises negatively impacting America, the White House was pleased with a recent report by the Conference Board that showed some positive figures.

The Conference Board’s report is a monthly update that gives insights into the current business climate and what might be expected in the near future. Notably, the report indicates that consumer confidence is at its highest level in over two years, with people feeling more optimistic about the economy.

National Economic Council Director Lael Brainard commented on this achievement: “Under President Biden’s agenda for growth, consumer sentiment is turning the corner—reflecting the increase in wealth, wages, and employment relative to pre-pandemic.”

Consumer confidence measures how optimistic or pessimistic people are about the economy and their personal financial situation. It recently reached its peak since December 2021 and has gone up more than 30% from its low point of 85.7 in April 2020.

The Conference Board calculated that the index increased for three consecutive months. It went up to 114.8 in January from a revised figure of 108 in December 2023.

These latest numbers give the Biden administration a slight chance to promote what it describes as economic achievements. As the November election approaches, Biden seeks opportunities to close the poll gap with the current frontrunner, former President Donald Trump.

Other recent economic reports have also given the administration positive news to share like the gross domestic product (GDP) growing at a rate of 3.3% in the last quarter and a slowdown in inflation from its peak in 2022.

However, despite an improvement in consumer sentiment, Biden is not getting much approval from voters regarding his handling of the economy. According to a CNBC survey in December, only 33% of voters approve of how Biden manages the economy.

His overall approval rating dropped to 35%, the lowest recorded during his time in the White House. When people were asked who they would support in a potential 2024 election rematch between Biden and Trump, 48% chose Trump, while 42% supported Biden.

This situation starkly contrasts the reported improving economic indicators with the public’s real-life perception of the economy.