Biden’s DISTURBING Display At G7 – Caught On Camera

( – In a disconcerting display of senility in front of global leaders, Joe Biden has made international headlines as he looked disturbingly disoriented at a G7 summit in southern Italy.

Watch the video below.

As world leaders gathered to watch parachutists making their descent during a skydiving exhibition, 81-year-old Biden started to drift away from the action and diverted his attention from the spectacle.

While the leaders clapped for the skydivers, Biden moved away and began talking with an officer involved with the parachutes.

As he ignored the group of leaders, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had to step in and intervene.

Meloni had noticed Biden drifting away and walked backward toward him to guide him back while facing the parachuting show.

After Meloni’s intervention, the leaders regrouped for a photo, where Biden took out his renowned aviator sunglasses.

This incident sparked commentary and criticsm online. The Republican National Committee’s research account highlighted the moment with a video, questioning, “WHAT IS BIDEN DOING?”

National Review’s Dan McLaughlin and Outkick’s Ian Miller blasted Biden’s actions and suggested Meloni had to act as a caretaker for the Democrat.

“The prime minister of another country had to go track him down and stop him from aimlessly wandering off,” added Miller. “What an embarrassment.”

Meanwhile, White House Senior Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates defended Biden, stating, “[Biden is] saying congratulations to one of the divers and giving a thumbs up.”

Earlier that day, Biden’s interactions with Meloni were also notable. After being introduced, Biden’s greeting was unusually close, as he seemed to bury his face in her hair during a hug.

This visit marks Biden’s second European trip in two weeks after he attended the D-Day commemorations in France, where he also had a moment of confusion during the ceremony.

White House insiders have noted that Biden, who would be 86 at the end of a potential second term, sometimes appears unfocused in both private and public settings.

The G7 summit wrapped up for Biden as he left a day early to attend a campaign fundraiser in Hollywood hosted by actor George Clooney.

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