Biden Using Illegals for Votes?!

Joe Biden

( – Revealing Democrats’ plans to inflate their numbers in an unashamed attempt to counter their sagging approval ratings, Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said the Biden administration is exploiting the immigration crisis for electoral gains.

During a conversation on Fox Business’ “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo,” Paxton revealed the strategy involves spreading illegal aliens across states to increase Democratic representation in Congress and improve their election chances.

“Yeah, and I think you had a guest that just talked about this very issue. This is accurate. They are counting illegal immigrants in their census so they can move these people around to the states where they want more congressional representatives and more Electoral College votes,” he stated.

Paxton further added, “It’s purely political. So he’s willing to trade the safety of America — whether it’s terrorism, whether it’s drugs, whether it’s other crimes, he being Joe Biden, he’s willing to trade all of that to get more Democratic votes so that they can control Congress and they can control the presidency,”

Host Maria Bartiromo asked further about Paxton’s concerns regarding potential electoral implications, especially in light of comments by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland on fighting state measures that introduce voter ID laws, limitations on mail-in voting and restrictions on drop boxes.

Paxton argued that opposition to voter ID laws means Democrats intend to make voter fraud easier, as such laws are the most effective deterrent against it. He expressed that the administration’s stance is a deliberate effort to undermine electoral integrity.

“We debated this in the Texas house in 2011, I was there. The only reason you don’t want voter fraud protection or voter ID is because you want voter fraud. And that’s clearly what this administration is pushing,” he stated.

This discussion unfolds against a backdrop of increasing tension over immigration policy, with sanctuary cities witnessing an unmanageable influx of illegal migrants. The crisis has propelled immigration to the peak of priority issues among voters, with a significant portion citing it as their top concern.

The conversation underscores deep divisions in American politics over how best to manage the country’s borders and electoral processes, with a clear highlight on Democratic efforts to leverage the millions of illegals allowed into the country under Joe Biden.

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