Biden Gets Bad News In Blue State

Joe Biden

( – Marking a huge blow for Democrats ahead of this year’s presidential election, Joe Biden finds himself with less than half the voter support in the traditionally liberal stronghold of New York.

Biden faces an uphill challenge since former President Donald Trump has explicitly expressed his intent to target blue states in the upcoming election cycle.

A Siena College poll indicates that Biden’s lead over Trump in New York is a mere 12 percentage points, with Biden garnering 48% support to Trump’s 36%.

Additionally, 6% of respondents said they would not vote, another 6% were undecided or chose not to disclose their preference and 4% planned to support a different candidate.

The introduction of independent candidates into the scenario further narrows Biden’s lead over Trump to just ten points by allocating Biden 42% and Trump 32% of the support. Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. captures 13% and Cornel West secures 6%.

When participants were asked about their ideal next president, Biden and Trump were deadlocked, each receiving 28% of the preference. Notably 41% of respondents desired someone other than Biden or Trump, with independents showing a stronger inclination towards Trump over Biden by a 28 to 16% margin.

This survey was conducted in mid-February, involved 806 registered voters in New York and had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.2%. It surfaced as Trump revealed his strategy to contest Democratic bastions in this election including New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Minnesota and New Mexico.

Trump detailed his ambitious plan to conduct rallies and speeches in these states, which aim to broaden the battleground landscape.

Despite acknowledging that states like Pennsylvania might receive more attention since he is well-positioned there, Trump emphasized his commitment to making “heavy plays” in deep blue states and even considered having a major event at Madison Square Garden, which he referred to as “the belly of the beast.”

Trump’s strategic move could gain momentum if further polls continue to highlight Biden’s vulnerability in key Democratic territories such as New York.