Biden Forcing Equity Requirements on What?!

( – Looking to impose racial theory on healthcare, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is introducing a new proposal to advance equity requirements in hospitals that perform kidney transplants.

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra claimed the move is part of an effort by Joe Biden’s administration to address racial gaps in transplant wait times and reduce “profiteering and inequity” in the system.

In a recent press release, Becerra discussed what he sees as a disproportionate impact of kidney disease on Black Americans, stating, “The organ transplant industry, like every other part of society, is not immune to racial inequities.”

He went on to say, “Black Americans disproportionately struggle with life-threatening kidney disease, yet they receive a smaller percentage of kidney transplants.”

“The Biden-Harris Administration is taking concrete steps to remove racial bias when calculating wait times and rooting out profiteering and inequity in the transplant process,” Becerra added.

The proposal includes a scoring system for hospitals, which would be evaluated each year on various metrics such as the total number of transplants and post-transplant outcomes.

Importantly, hospitals would receive additional points for serving low-income patients—60 out of 100 points are based on the hospital’s performance in comparison to government targets emphasizing care for low-income groups.

The proposal details, “Each kidney transplant that is furnished to a patient who meets the low-income definition would be multiplied by 1.2, thus counting that transplant as 1.2 instead of 1.”

Moreover, hospitals would be required to implement health equity plans to identify and address access gaps within their local communities.

The proposal suggests hospitals could develop initiatives to support living donors from underserved areas or offer logistical support to patients awaiting transplants.

Kidney specialist and policy critic Dr. Stanley Goldfarb shared his skepticism by suggesting the administration’s approach indirectly targets racial inequalities without explicitly stating so.

“And so I think what they’ve just decided is, ‘We’ll just give an incentive to the hospitals to do this and let them figure out how to do this,’” Goldfarb commented.

“But I don’t know that there’s a real system in place to allow that. So either you’re going to have a system that ends up being purely on the basis of race, or it’s going to be a system that fails totally,” he concluded.

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