Biden Classified Documents Bombshell

Joe Biden

( – Following his examination of some of the classified documents previously stored in Joe Biden’s home basement, Republican Representative Mike Waltz from Florida has publicly called for a thorough “damage assessment.”

In a message shared on X, Waltz shared his insights after going through a selection of Biden’s classified documents, which Special Counsel Robert Hur retrieved from Biden’s basement storage.

These documents span Biden’s long career in the Senate and his two terms as Vice President.

Waltz pointed out the sensitive nature of the content and how relevant it was to national security concerns.

“They were HIGHLY CLASSIFIED and relevant to current national security threats,” he stated. “We need an immediate damage assessment from the Intelligence Community.”

The documents Waltz referred to are said to contain information the Intelligence Community provided to Biden.

According to anonymous sources, lawmakers are trying to gain access to additional classified documents from the White House.

In March, Special Counsel Hur ended his investigation into the matter but decided not to pursue criminal charges against 81-year-old Biden.

According to Hur’s announcement, this decision was partly based on the perception that Biden would be viewed as an “elderly man with poor memory” if he went to trial.

Hur’s findings showed Biden retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice-presidency, including documents related to military and foreign policy in Afghanistan.

Biden also had and shared notebooks filled with his own handwritten notes on national security and foreign policy involving sensitive intelligence.

The investigation revealed Biden had stored documents classified at the “Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information” level in several locations, including his office at the Penn Biden Center think tank in Washington, D.C., his garage in Wilmington, Delaware, and in unsecured drawers and cabinets in his home’s basement den.

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