‘Bible Belt Strangler’ Survivor Tells Her Tale

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(StraightShooterNews.com) – In a remarkable turn of events, the only person to survive an attack by the so-called “Bible Belt Strangler” has finally decided to share her story.

This new development comes after a group of high school students from Tennessee played a crucial role in solving a series of murders that baffled authorities for 40 years.

The survivor, referred to as “L,” was attacked in the early 1980s by Jerry Johns, a truck driver who has since passed away. Investigators now suspect Johns was behind the infamous Redhead Murders, a series of unsolved killings from the same era.

For nearly four decades, “L” remained silent about her suffering. Recently, she decided to open up to Alex Campbell, a sociology teacher at Elizabethton High School, on his podcast called Murder 101.

In an emotional statement on the podcast, which airs on iHeartRadio, “L” expressed her belief that divine intervention saved her life. “There’s no reason for me to be alive except the good Lord let me live,” she said in the podcast. She explained that her decision to speak was to prevent further crimes against women.

“L” was unaware of Johns’ connection to other murders until a few years ago when an FBI agent informed her. She learned then that Johns had been linked to another murder through DNA evidence.

This victim, Tina McKenney-Farmer, was discovered in 1984 near Jellico, Tennessee. Johns himself died in prison in 2015, where he was serving time for another murder committed in 1985.

“L” narrated how she had been questioned about her encounter with Johns and noted that many of the other victims resembled her. This observation was crucial for Campbell’s 2018 class, which identified six victims possibly linked to the same killer, with Johns as the primary suspect.

“L” was shocked to see photographs of many women who looked similar to her, all believed to be victims of the Redhead Murders. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has acknowledged Johns as a suspect in these cases but did not credit the students for their contribution.

“L” is a retired nurse and a loving mother and grandmother. According to Gabriel Castillo from KT Studios, she now devotes her time to volunteering for various Christian charities.

The story of how Campbell’s former students tied together the evidence linking the six women to Johns is revealed in the ten episodes of the Murder 101 podcast.