Beloved Actress: ‘I Don’t Enjoy Living’

( – Sparking a significant online response for her comments, beloved “Married with Children” actress Christina Applegate recently shared some candid thoughts about her struggles with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Diagnosed in 2021, Applegate discussed her experiences on her “MeSsy” podcast earlier this month, revealing her deep emotional struggles since the diagnosis.

“This is being really honest…I don’t enjoy living. I don’t enjoy it. I don’t enjoy things anymore,” Applegate told her listeners and prompted concern on social media.

Applegate later addressed her initial comments in a subsequent podcast episode, explaining she was expressing “dark stuff that I was thinking and feeling … I feel like when we hold things in, we give them power.”

She emphasized the damaging effects of keeping mental health struggles private, noting, “I also think that there’s so much shame a lot of people feel when they’re going through mental health issues … and when people hold those in, because they’re so afraid to say how they truly feel, we give it immense power.”

Applegate went on to discuss the societal pressures to appear fine, “Not only holding things in gives it power but it also can cause disease in your body — cancer, all sorts of things,” she said.

“Loneliness. All of that, by holding it in because society has told us we’re supposed to be just f***ing fine. And I am not into that. I think it is incredibly healing and important to be able to express the thoughts, whether that makes someone uncomfortable or not,” she added.

Applegate assured her audience that despite her frank discussion, she was not in immediate danger.

“By making such a big deal about it, you’re making other people think, ‘Oh, s***, I can’t talk about this.’ And that is not OK with me,” she declared.

She further said, “I think it’s important to be able to say these things. And, no, I’m not sitting here on suicide watch, OK? I am not. Nor have I ever been.”

She also touched on the emotional toll of living with a chronic illness, “I dare anyone to be diagnosed with MS or any kind of chronic illness that has taken who you were prior to that moment and go, ‘This is great.’ You know?”

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