Americans Declare Crisis

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( – Underscoring the dire state of America due to the neglect of the southern border under the Biden-Harris administration, a recent CBS News poll indicates that a significant majority of Americans perceive the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border as either a crisis or a serious issue.

Specifically, 45% of respondents classify it as a crisis, while an additional 30% regard it as a severe problem. Only 18% consider it somewhat serious, and a mere 7% view it as a minor issue.

This sentiment emerges amidst ongoing legislative battles over substantial border security reforms proposed by Republicans, who have consistently criticized the Biden administration’s approach to border and immigration issues.

The poll reveals a growing demand for stricter policies, with 63% advocating for tougher measures regarding immigrants crossing the border, an increase from 55% in September.

Conversely, only 16% believe crossing should be made more accessible, a slight decrease from September’s 19%. Furthermore, only 21% support the current approach of the Biden administration, a five percentage point drop since September.

The poll also asked opinions on the strategy employed by Republican governors, who have been sending migrants to Democratic-led cities in the north. The majority, 57%, disapprove of this tactic, up from 50% in the previous September survey.

Regarding handling the border crisis, Biden and congressional Republicans face disapproval. 68% of respondents are dissatisfied with Biden’s handling of the border situation, and 65% disapprove of the approach taken by congressional Republicans.

This poll, conducted with 2,157 adults between January 3 and 5, carries a margin of error of 2.8 percentage points. The results underscore the pressing need for effective solutions and policies to address the complex and escalating concerns at the U.S.-Mexico border.