AJC: ‘It’s Time’ For Joe to Go

(StraightShooterNews.com) – In the wake of a disastrous debate performance, Joe Biden faces renewed pressure across the board to withdraw from the presidential race.

Georgia’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution called for Biden to step aside for another Democratic candidate to challenge former President Donald Trump in the upcoming November election, deeming it crucial “for the good” of the country.

The editorial board expressed concern over Biden’s recent debate, noting that he was not able to articulate a clear vision for America’s future.

The newspaper believes this indicates that his candidacy is no longer acceptable after he was thought to be best positioned to take on Trump.

The board described his performance as failing to provide a “competent and coherent vision for the future of America.”

In an effort to rally behind Biden, figures such as Kamala Harris and former President Barack Obama have defended his debate performance, which the editorial board criticized as “insulting to the American people.”

The editorial underscored the high stakes involved, pointing out that Biden’s candidacy is critical as he stands as the primary barrier against Trump’s return to the Oval Office.

The board suggested that if Biden genuinely aims to prevent a Trump victory, he should endorse a successor and encourage the Democratic Party to select a new nominee at its convention in Chicago this August.

They acknowledged that replacing Biden on the ballot would involve “a massive and unprecedented string of legal and regulatory actions” that should start immediately.

The editorial concluded by emphasizing that Biden “deserves a better exit from public life” than his recent debate performance and urged him to retire with the dignity of knowing he served his country honorably.

This sentiment was echoed by other major publications, including the New York Times editorial board, which also recently suggested that Biden should not seek re-election.

In response to this scrutiny, Biden appeared resilient at a North Carolina rally, admitting, “I don’t debate as well as I used to.”

However, the Biden campaign has dismissed the criticism, with campaign co-chair Cedric Richmond recalling how Biden lost the New York Times’ endorsement in 2020 but ultimately managed to get nominated despite the newspaper’s preference for other candidates.

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