$2 Million Heist Caught on Camera

(StraightShooterNews.com) – A staggering $2 million heist was caught on camera as a vintage sports card dealer suffered significant theft at the Dallas Card Show in Allen, Texas.

Watch the video below.

Legacy Cardz owner Ashish Jai reported that thieves stole a case containing a valuable collection of cards, including several 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle cards, two 1951 Bowman Mantle rookies and additional Mantle cards.

The stolen items also included two Leaf Jackie Robinson rookies and cards of other Hall of Fame players.

The theft occurred as the show was wrapping up, with the cards stored within Jai’s multi-table booth.

One notable card, a PSA 6 Mickey Mantle, was valued at $175,000.

Security cameras at the Marriott Dallas Allen Hotel & Convention Center captured the theft from afar.

Jai describes how three men seemed to distract his two sons and another assistant, allowing a fourth suspect to snatch the case of cards.

A video shows an individual in a dark shirt rearranging chairs for over an hour near the booth, misleading Jai and his team into thinking he was a staff member.

This person was then filmed grabbing the case and swiftly exiting the venue.

“These guys had been scoping us out all day,” Jai expressed in a post on X after reviewing the day’s security footage.

He noted that the suspects had changed clothes throughout the day, suggesting the theft was premeditated and targeted.

Among the stolen cards were a 1933 World Wide Gum Joe DiMaggio and a 1967 Tom Seaver rookie card graded 10 by SGC, both also part of the stolen inventory.

A frequent vendor at significant card shows nationwide and an online seller himself, Jai has reported the theft to the police and urges the collector community to be vigilant for the stolen cards on the market.

This incident marks the second major theft in the collector’s community this year, following a $2 million heist at a hotel in Strongsville, Ohio, in April, for which two individuals are currently facing charges.

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